Winter Storage $ 129.99, includes a deluxe tune-up.

No appointment necessary.

We do flat repairs as you wait. We are now doing most other repairs & tune-ups within 1 to 2 days.

Got a bike with: a flat tire, gears that don't work, wheels that aren't true, worn-out tires, a broken chain, a need for a tune up, or any other problem bring it to us and our mechanics will look after it. You will be surprised at how reasonable our rates are and how quickly you can have your bike back.

Our mechanics are great but what would you expect after their years of experience.

They have seen every problem and every type of bike. Pit Stop $49.99
-Front & rear brake adjustments
-Front & rear gear adjustments
-Lubricate drive train

Deluxe Tune $79.99
-Front & rear brake adjustments
-Front & rear gear adjustments
-Bottom bracket adjustment
-Headset adjustment
-True both wheels
-Lubricate drive train

Dear valued customers, please note that the Pitstop and Deluxe tune up does not include the Drivetrain Clean(crank cassette chain) or any polishing on the frame.

DTC (Drivetrain Clean) $49.99
-Remove Chain, Freewheel, Crank, Front and Rear Derailleurs
and clean in solvent tank.
-Adds life to the drive train

Overhaul $199.99
-Remove all components from frame
-Clean frame of all grease and debris
-Inspect, lube, re-pack all bearings/surfaces
-Full deluxe tune-up
-Full drivetrain clean